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The Haq'sson Rechargeable Emergency bulb

This bulb has an internal battery, which can power it, whenever there’s a power outage. It fits into a standard b22 socket, and charges whenever it is switched on. It is recommended to charge the bulb for 8-10 hours before initial use. Most of my house has an inverter line, but the bathrooms don’t. So instead of getting the electrician to come in and draw wires across the false ceiling, I chose this option. This is also a good option, if you only need to keep some rooms lit up, and don’t have an inverter. The bulb works normally as most bulbs do. And even if the power switch to the bulb is off, it stays off. Only when you have an actual power loss, does the bulb activat, that too, when the main switch is on. If off, the bulb also stays off.

As i had indicated earlier, i don’t have an inverter connection in my bathroom, and as you can see a normal bulb doesn’t light up as there is no power. The inverter bulb also stays off, as the switch outside is not on. Turning on the switch , the bulb automatically switches to battery mode and lights up. It has a cool daylight color, at 6500 K and is rated at 7/9 watts. It is pretty bright, and is rated at 7watts , and the brightness does go down when in battery mode. The battery lasts for 3-4 hours when fully charged.

I have seen a lot of confusion on this on the ecommerce portal comments.

So this is how it works:

If main switch if off and there is power it stays off If main switch is on and there is power, it lights up and charges. If the main switch is off and there is no power, the bulb stays off If the main switch is on and there is no power , the bulb light up using the emergency battery

Hope this clears out the way this bulb works,

The bulb, works well and is pretty bright, so if you have a room where you either don’t have inverter wiring or don’t have an inverter, this will help brighten up the place. Perfect for places with frequent power cuts.